Genealogy is one of the main interests of the Clan Society and with the advent of the Internet is now much easier to find out about your forebears. However Clan
 Mackenzie is lucky to have available many charts from the Findon Tables (see UK site) and others that are readily available for those who wish to look into the past. We have resident genealogists linked to our Clan Society.

A large collection of genealogical information for New Zealand Mackenzies is also available, which your family may fit into somewhere. Since many of these trees connect back to Scotland, you may be able to obtain a large family tree reaching back many generations. Contact the Clan Genealogists for more information.


DNA Project

DNA has become a powerful tool for genealogy research, and often complements recorded evidence.

A Mackenzie DNA project was started in October 2004 by Alan McKenzie in Canada.

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