Names and Families of Clan Mackenzie

Not everyone in the Mackenzie Clan had the name Mackenzie or Mckenzie. There were many surnames of the family and of allied or dependent families. These other names are commonly called "septs of the clan", but according to Electric Scotland preferred modern usage is to avoid the use of the term "sept" and to simply describe these as surnames or family names.

Here is a list of known names belonging to the clan.

 Charles Charleson Cluness
 Clunies Cromarty Iverach
 Iverson Ivory Kenneth
 Kennethson Kynoch MacAweeney
 MacBeolain MacBeath MacKenzie
 MacConnach MacCure Maceur
 MacIver MacIvor MacKenna
 MacKenney MacKerlich MacKinna
 MacKinney MacKinnie MacLeay
 MacMurchie MacMurchy MacQueenie
 MacThearlich MacVanish MacVennie
 MacVinnish MacVinnie MacWeeny
 MacWhinnie Mackiver Murchie
 Murchison Smart Tuach

Mackenzie / Mckenzie

"MacCainnigh" in old Gaelic, or "MhicCoineach" in modern Gaelic, the name Mackenzie is literally, "Son of Kenneth", Kenneth being "fair one" or "bright one", and it is only translation into English that has led to differences in the spelling of the name today.

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